Iron Duck Skull & Kitty Bang Bang

Grace. 23. Tacoma, WA.
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Rip Her to Shreds

The older I get, the less and less I want to interact with people. I’ve never been social, at all. Also not shy, mind you, but not social. I used to enjoy talking to a few select friends now and then, occasionally hanging out in groups, but now I cannot stand it. The idea of spending time with anyone exhausts me, and doesn’t sound at all enjoyable. I can’t wait to get home from work everyday simply because I can finally stop talking to people. I am getting more and more reclusive and apathetic about human relationships. I am turning into my dad. I just don’t care. And I’m perfectly fine with it. It’s strange. I am weird. This isn’t normal. But I no longer feel the need to force it. I can’t small talk, I can’t bond, I can’t banter. I simply can’t communicate with anyone. I just hate it. I am falling into oblivion. And what’s scary is I want to be alone more and more. I never want anybody. My tolerance for others personalities diminishes daily. And I feel like there is nothing bad about it. I am happy as a lone wolf. I don’t feel the need for friends.